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Hidden Warriors in the forest EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 10:23 pm by Donna
I guess it's pretty much safe to say that we are dying or already dead. This saddens me. WHERE IS EVERYONE?! I admit I've been very busy with school work, and with my job, and friends, church, and all the other million things going on in my life and haven't been on much either... But I want to change that! All I've been writing lately is random journals, and essays and what not for my online language arts courses, I NEED something to get me excited about writing again. When I was roleplaying my …

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Making a World
Hidden Warriors in the forest EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 7:09 am by Wolves
Okay so I am going to help make a world cause we need something new going on here and now is the time to decide which you would like, below i will give a small description of the worlds so you get the idea.

Horse world
We are wild horses or ones in ranches near by. there will be wide open land then stables on the side so you can choose to be wild or captured. this is the times of us in a way like no rustlers really but we stick to western ways almost. there will be different types of lands …

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 Hidden Warriors in the forest

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Hidden Warriors in the forest Empty
PostSubject: Hidden Warriors in the forest   Hidden Warriors in the forest EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 5:25 pm

Hidden Warriors in the forest Cat-eyes-pauldcocker

Four clans have always split and ruled the land, NightClan, DawnClan, lightningClan, and RiverClan. Nightclan rules across the thunderpath to the east into open plans where a large farm Hoovers on the edge of their border, some of the land being marsh. dawnclan rules to the north the area farther north being twoleg land, they have a few trees but mainly open grass meadows were rabbits and mice are. Lightningclan gets the forest to the south, their border cut off by the thunderpath and the small river that borders along Dawnclans territory. RiverClan gets tthe river all the way to fourtrees where 3 large oak trees hold the gatherings with a large rock in the center. Fourtrees is in the center of all 4 clans. Twolegs also dwell beyond the forest of lightningclan. Starclan rules the stars above and tell dreams to the leaders and medicine cats. The leaders and medicine cats always journey to highstones thats northwest in the mountains where they go underground to a glowing rock. The night of the gathering is a peace meeting, no one will attack another clans territory when their there and no cat shall fight among each other. Always follow the warrior code, anyone who breaks it must be punished but thats for the leader to decide.

Warrior code (the real one NOT MINE at all its from the warrior cats site)
-Defend your clan even with your life. You may have friendships with other cats from other clans but your loyalty must lie with your clan as one day you may meet them in battle.
-Do not hunt or trespass on other clan territories
-Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices must not eat before hunting and feeding the elders.
-Prey is killed only to be eaten, give thanks to Starclan.
-A kit must be 6 moons old before its an apprentice.
-Newly appointed Warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior
-A cat can not be named deputy unless it has mentor one apprentice.
-The deputy will become clan leader when the leader dies or retires.
-After death or retirement of the deputy, a new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.
-A gathering of all four clans is held at full moon during a truce that last for the night.

-We only are from lightning clan, deputy will be appointed later.
-Dont play other cats unless i tell you to xD
-be at least 2 cats xP
-No one is starclan
-Leaders have 9 lives
-have fun

Lightning Clan
Leader- Shadowstar (wolves)- An all black long hair tom with scarlet red eyes. has a few scars on his shoulders
Deputy- Not appointed
Medicine Cat-BrightHeart- (Wolves) A Black, white and tan spotted she cat with dark green eyes.
- Spottedfang-(Wolves) A Spotted black and grey Tom with brown eyes.

Leader- Mosspelt- A dark brown tom with a long coat and scar on his flank.
Deputy- Soothslayer - A dark gray she-cat with a black forepaw

Leader- Spottedstar- Black and tan spotted she cat with dark green eyes.
Deputy- WildStorm- A All white long haired tom with crystal blue eyes

Leader- RavenStar- A long haired black tom with a white underbelly and pelt.
Deputy- ThornClaw- A dark brown tom with a claw marks across his shoulders.

Name: Shadowstar
Gender: Tom
Color: All black, long haired
Rank: leader
Personality: Shadowstar is a fair leader. he listenes to both sides of the story then gives their judgement. He's always kind and wise but will be serious when the time comes. he has not had any kits yet nor a mate.
Extra: has 6 lives left
Hidden Warriors in the forest XYRGR

Name: Brightheart
Gender: She-cat
Color: Tan, black and white spotted
Rank: Medicine cat
Personality: Brightheart is always open and fun. She always brightens someones mood and keeps a pure heart. She can be serious and is a great hunter, her fighting skills unique as well. Shes not ready for kits just yet but will be soon
picture:Hidden Warriors in the forest Spotte10

Name: Spottedfang
Age: 3
Gender: Tom
Color: Spotted Black and grey tom with green eyes
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Queit, clever
Hidden Warriors in the forest Spotted-cat_size_800x600
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Hidden Warriors in the forest
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